Our advantages

Our team is led by people with more than 20 years of experience. Their skills and know-how are one of the key factors to our company’s success.

By investing in high stock levels we give our Customers a feeling of safety when it comes to the continuity and certainty of supplies. In this way, we can start providing services right away.

We always set a high bar for ourselves. We focus on providing professional services, and understanding our Customer’s needs. These are the foundations of our company

Our own delivery service means we are fully independent and able to control our deliveries. Quickly sending materials on time is our priority in providing the most effective and comprehensive services to our Customers.

We care a lot about the environment, and this is why our materials come only from certified suppliers, who fulfil all the necessary requirements and participate globally in the continuous regeneration of forest areas.

About us

Fokus Premium is a team of ambitious people with years of experience in the sector.

In order to tailor our services to the individual needs of each Customer, we buy materials only from tested suppliers from Poland, Chile, Finland, Ukraine, and China, who have all the required approvals to import to the EU.

Our Clients come from all over the world, and include those working in the furniture, flooring, transport, construction and many other industries. High stock levels and our own transportation service mean that we deliver orders on time. We mostly deal in plywood of various thickness, sizes and classes, as well as HDF, MDF, OSB, paperboard, chipboard and fiberboard.

Order fulfilment is monitored by our experienced and committed staff, whose top priority is the highest possible quality of Customer service.