About us

Fokus Premium is a family company specializing in the wholesale of plywood and wood-based panels. Since the beginning, our goal was to build long-term business relationships based on a partnership, both with customers and suppliers. By setting high standards and bold actions, the company has become a well-recognized supplier for many industries such as furniture, construction, door manufacturing, packaging, and more.

We established a very well-developed distribution service, both in terms of obtaining goods, as well as delivering them to our customers. Goods imported by us come, among others, from countries such as Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Canada, Turkey, Kazakhstan, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, and China. Owning over a dozen warehouses located in different places in Europe allows us to invest in high stocks and execute really large orders practically on the spot. A well-organized logistics and procurement department that works on modern systems ensures full control over deliveries, giving customers a sense of security, as well as an assurance of timely delivery.


In our company, we apply a transparency policy because we believe that it’s the basis of every responsible business. We want our activities to be ethical and responsible. Because of that, we have an inspection and quality department that examines the origin, legality, and compliance of goods imported to the EU.

Over 20 years
of experience

We perfectly understand the importance of timely production and investment plans for our clients, as well as how important the quality of our products and compliance with plywood standards is. Global reach, understanding of global markets, specialization in plywood, and our own logistics guarantee that we deliver the best materials for each order. We are constantly developing and looking for new solutions for our clients.

Amongst our clients are companies from around the world and from various industries. These include, among others:

Furniture industry

Flooring industry

Transport industry

Construction industry

Packaging industry

Our partners

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